Toyota Prado VX, GXL, Kakadu

Toyota Prado VX, GXL, Kakadu

30th July 2018 0 By carsfirst

Toyota has announced that the addition of a split tailgate with top-hinged glass as a no-cost option for the updated Landcruiser Prado.

Where the flat, split tailgate has been limited to top-spec altitude models unlike previous prado generations. The model year updated will make it available on the VX, GX and Kakadu. Further spare wheel is relocated under the car. The secondary fuel tank removed and top-hinged rear window added.

The new tailgate was spotted at the docks in Port Melbourne of group of vehicles. The car you see here was posted on the instagram page of a Victorian dealer.

According to the dealer, the option can be selected at the time of purchase for no additional cost. It reduces the Prado’s fuel capacity from 150 to 87 liters. The 63 liter sub tank is replaced by a spare tyre which drops driving range from around 1875km to 1087km.

Removing the spare tyre also changes the length and weight of the vehicle. Vehicle length drops from 4995 to 4825mm and weight drops from 2455 to 2395kg. Hence think of it as a Prado Superleggera.  Toyota is expected to make the announcement official shortly. Though these vehicles can be ordered through dealers as we speak.

Source : Car Advice

Photo Source : CPS Africa