KIA Australia Hits High Sales

KIA Australia Hits High Sales

19th July 2018 0 By carsfirst

Kia Australia celebrates 500,000 sales down under, after three decades.The Kia jeep model was developed off the Korean Army’s car and in 1988, 60 people bought it and was sold as the Asia Rocsta. Today’s Kia Australia insists wore Kia badge.

Here are more facts about KIA:

  • By 1998 local sales had increased to 12,524
  • 2008 showed cumulative sales down under reached 180,829.
  • After 2006, the“Kia” brand was sold as the operation

In 2018, Kia Motors Australia has been on track for another record sales year of 10.4% growth rate. Over the past decade it has been quite amazing said Damien Meredith, CEO of Kia Australia.There is no reason for growth to not continue just over the horizon. Meredith added that the road to success is to build the brand on strong foundation, take care of customers and treating them honestly and respect.

Since 1987 Hyundai has sold 1,590, 213 vehicles but has taken 18 years to reach the first 500,000 units.

Source : Car Advice