HSV Colorado SportsCat

HSV Colorado SportsCat

28th July 2018 0 By carsfirst

HSV has announced it’s bringing the HSV Colorado SportsCat warranty into line with that of the wider Holden range. HSV has offered five year unlimited kilometer coverage for its jacked-up dual-cab.

The extended coverage period applies to all cars sold after July 1, 2018.  It replaces the existing three year offering. Further it place on a level playing field with the just-launched Ford Ranger Raptor.  Five years of roadside assist is also part of the deal, as with the broader Holden range.

The official HSV media release has described the SportsCat as “the most dynamic sports 4×4 on the market” in a thinly veiled swipe at the all-singing, all-dancing Ford range-topper.

HSV managing Director, Tim Jackson said that they have been delighted with the level of acceptance of their first new foray into the 4×4 pick-up market. Further he added that the availability of a five year warranty, with five years roadside assistance, will only further strengthen the vehicle’s appeal.

Although it runs with a standard Holden Colorado drivetrain. There are myriad changes separating the SportsCat from its more mundane brethren. In addition sports suspension, unique anti-roll bars, AP Racing brakes and optional SupaShock suspension are all unique , as are the car’s interior appointments and exterior add-ons.

Source : Car Advice

Photo Source : HSV