Ford Ranger Raptor

Ford Ranger Raptor

27th July 2018 0 By carsfirst

There isn’t a market for diesel or petrol V6 in the Ford Ranger Raptor, explained by the Ford’s head of product development for Asia Pacific. There is massive hype behind the Ranger Raptor took a slight hit when Ford announced 2.0 liter bi-turbo diesel instead of a petrol V6 like the one found in the F-150 Raptor or a more powerful V6 diesel engine.

Ford’s vice president of product development for Asia Pacific Trevor Worthington says there is no market for these types of drivetrains. Further he mentioned that the vast majority of the 200 markets that sell Ranger around 99 percent are all diesel markets.

A V6 diesel or petrol V6 would fit that the 2.0 liter diesel is the right motor for this vehicle. The engine and gearbox combination was more leisurely than sporty on the open road, clocking a 0.100km/h time of 10.4 seconds.

Source : Car Advice

Photo Source : The Drive