Fiat 500 Spiaggna ’58

Fiat 500 Spiaggna ’58

21st July 2018 0 By carsfirst

Fiat unveils a special-edition Fiat 500 Spiaggna ’58 and late 1950s, the Spiaggna was a part of the scenery on the Italian Riviera. Present modern is a well modern based on a regular 500C.

Fiat 500 Spiaggna ‘58 has the following features;

  • 1.2 – 9.0 liter Twin Air petrol engines producing 51kW and 63kW respectively
  • Set of retro, polished wheels, chrome highlights
  • Wooden fold-down rear section rollover bar
  • Two-tone blue and white exterior
  • Pale blue (waterproofed leather) interior and retro wheels
  • Lower windscreen designed to evoke a more nautical feeling
  • Nautical styled windshield and rollover bar

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