Buy the correct tyres

Buy the correct tyres

15th September 2018 0 By carsfirst

Buy the correct tyres

The most important to buying new tyres, your car is to buy ones that are suitable for your car.

The new car models development phase to select the best tyres to fit to their cars.

When it comes to replacing the tyres, the original tyres specified are generally best.


What are the correct tyres for my car?

The car refers to the owner’s manual to find out about the tyres the carmaker recommends.

The things you need to know when buying for new tyres speed rating, load rating and tyres size.

The carmaker won’t nominate a particular brand of tyre, that’s left to you to decide.

Trust the brands you know?

Walk into any tyre retailer’s store, and then you’ll be greeted by a myriad of tyre choice, of size, performance and price.

We know the size and performance of the tyres we need from consulting the owner’s manual, and then leaving us to decide on the price we’re prepared to pay.


How do identify a second rate tyre?

It was  easy to identify a second rate tyre, all you had to was look at the sidewall and then see where the cheaper tyre was made.


The risk of buying cheap

Our tyres perform a number of vital functions on our cars, they are arguably the most important piece of safety equipment we have.

They allow us to accelerate, steer and safely brake, it also they allow us to it on all road surfaces in all weather conditions.

Buying from unknowing tyres brand is potentially compromising some or all of those functions.

The second potentially putting at risk our safety, it also safety of our loved ones.

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