2020 Jaguar XE

2020 Jaguar XE

11th April 2019 0 By carsfirst

There’s a new 2020 Jaguar XE. Although it’s just a mid-cycle facelift, the changes are definitely noticeable but somehow a game of Where’s Waldo for some. If you’re the latter, you’re in luck as the brand has released a video to show the exact changes in its new sedan.

Up front, the most noticeable change is the slimmer LED lighting. It has matrix LEDs, automatic high beam, a new signature light graphic, and animated turn signals. The grille is also widened a bit and features an all-black outline. The front bumper has also been redesigned, given a sportier look and a wider stance. The front apertures are larger, as well, and the chrome strip removed from the outgoing model.

At the rear, the 2020 Jaguar XE gets slim taillights that show a different LED signature and the animated turn signals. The rear bumper is also restyled to accommodate the new rear valence and the repositioned twin tailpipes. In profile, the only thing that has changed is the updated set of rims.

Aesthetically, even with the small changes, the Jaguar XE somehow transformed into a somewhat-sporty sedan, as opposed to its rather classy predecessor.

The cabin is where the more obvious updates reside. Apart from the new steering wheel, the center console is given a second screen to house the controls for air conditioning and more. Rotary dials are retained while wireless charging capability is added. The SportShift selector is also new, along with the F-Type-derived Jaguar Drive Control selector. Lastly, there’s an increased storage space by the doors.

New materials and interior trim abound throughout the upgraded cockpit, providing a considerable improvement from the previous model. You might also notice the rear view mirror looks strange. That’s because it’s not actually a mirror – the XE uses the company’s ClearSight setup which incorporates a wide-angle camera looking rearward, which then sends what it sees to the “mirror.” This way, the view rearward is always unobstructed.

Underneath the facelifted body and interior are familiar powertrain options, though there are fewer to choose from. Gasoline fans can opt for the 2.0-liter mill that makes either 247 or 296 horsepower, while the entry-level XE delivers a 180-hp diesel for buyers across the pond. Additionally, base-model XE sedans in S-trim also feature more standard-issue kit, including an automatic transmission with 18-inch wheels, leather seats, parking and a lane-keep assist, rear camera, and LED lights. The spiffy R-Dynamic appearance group is also available at every trim level, from S to SH and HSE. For now, at least, the supercharged V6 is MIA.

The refreshed 2020 Jaguar XE is currently available for order, starting at £33,915 in the UK.